Maintenance, Protection and the Renovation of Boats

MATT CHEM® MARINE is leading on the French market of the Maintenance and the Renovation of Boats. It boasts more than 200 products that fulfil expectations of pleasure-boat owners with regards to result. Protecting the environment is firm’s major preoccupation and this ambition is illustrated perfectly by theirs motto:  A clean sea for future generations®  Read more

Over 20 years of skilled experience in yacht maintenance

We offer all for yachts repairing and maintenance: bottom jobs, polishing, cleaning, interior washing and scrubbing, teak varnishing, fibre glass and gel coat repairs.

Our aim is to contribute to environment sustainability. Therefore we have carefully selected the products we use for boat care. The products we work with are manufactured in France by Matt Chem®. Like their motto: "A clean sea for future generations®", they are designing and developing cleaners and renovators by reducing or eliminating the use of harmful substances to health and environment.